State of Wonder – OPB Interview

I sat down with April Baer to talk about Portland and art. Listen here.  

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What I’ve Learned Campaigning

As Election Day gets closer and the public forums and debates come to an end, I have been knocking on doors and introducing myself all over Portland. I’ve been to almost every neighborhood with just a few more to go. Along the way I’ve answered a lot of questions about my platform, but more importantly [...]

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North Park Blocks Blog Interview

"During the fight against the Street Fee, we fought City Hall on behalf of small businesses and low income residents and we won. I want to be the voice of all the people of Portland on the issues that matter to them most, and make sure that their voices are heard. But the simple answer [...]

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Sanderson likes sunset clause, voter input; Still questions allocation of existing funds & diesel exemption

It was her fight against an unfair and poorly applied tax that led Ann Sanderson to the Portland political arena in the first place. Her candidacy for Portland City Council finds her still leading the fight to find the right way to fix Portland's streets. Sanderson first came into the public eye in 2014 when [...]

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Buckman Candidates’ Forum

(SE Portland) -- A lively group of voters got their first taste of Ann Sanderson's ideas for change at City Hall, in a candidates' forum hosted Thursday night by the Buckman Community Association. Hot-button topics like homelessness, housing density, and transportation dominated the questions submitted by the audience. Sanderson, who first came into the public [...]

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