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Why Not Wapato?

Why Not Wapato? Let’s talk about Wapato Correctional Facility. Every day I have yet another conversation about the never-used jail located in north Portland. I’ve had a dozen of these since I started the campaign, and dozens more before I decided to run. Like many people in Portland, I cannot understand how we can declare a [...]

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Homelessness is a Humanitarian Crisis

According to the Welcome Home Coalition, Portland needs 40,000 affordable housing units. In the time that it will take to get there, more Portlanders will become homeless. Every person on the streets is deserving of our compassion and help, and laws must be enforced for everyone’s safety. If a major earthquake hit Portland today and 2,000 [...]

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We shouldn’t need DIY government

I’ve lived in Portland most of my life. I’ve raised my kids here. I run my businesses here. I have deep roots in my community. When I was young, we used to say that Portland was a big small town. That’s no longer true. We have a world class food industry, an amazing arts culture, [...]

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