Ann Sanderson for Portland City Council

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Ann Sanderson for Portland City Council

Position One

My name is Ann Sanderson and I’m running for a seat on Portland City Council.

The future of Portland is now, and so far we haven’t risen up to meet the challenges facing our city. Homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, and a changing economy are all issues that need creative, innovative solutions. The best ideas come from the people who have first hand knowledge of the problem, and by hearing what Portlanders are doing right now, right here, we can begin together to address the issues facing us.

Access. Communication. Transparency

City Hall often makes sweeping policy changes without asking or informing those that will be affected most. In this day of electronic communication, there is no excuse for failing to engage the public in policy making. If elected, I will fight to make sure that no policy or law is enacted without first informing those who need to know. Good policy can withstand the bright lights of public attention, so our leaders must stop making backroom deals and letting us find out after the fact.

Good management

A member of City Council is both policy-maker and bureau executive. It’s not enough to have great ideas, you also need to be able to manage the organizations that spend the public’s money. My business experience makes me better at managing budgets and people.

I became politically active two years ago when I stumbled upon the Street Fee. I am not anti-tax, but I am anti-stupid tax. The original (and subsequent) taxing schemes would have devastated many low-income residents and small businesses, but the fact that the council would do so without putting it to a vote was just wrong. I helped lead the fight against it, and in the process I discovered that City Council says they listen, but just uses public participation as a box they need to check along the way to doing what they want. In many cases, they don’t even bother to get the public input. With my leadership, we won the Street Fee fight. Now it’s time to take on the bigger, more pressing issues facing our city.

I trust the people of Portland to know what’s best for them, and I believe that by sitting on the council, I can make sure you are heard.

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Where I Stand

We are creative, but we shouldn’t have to do Do-It-Yourself government.
DIY Government
We need to provide aid now and a housing recovery plan that starts today.
A Humanitarian Crisis
Why not use the empty jail as a shelter to get people off the streets?
Why Not Wapato?

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